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"We live in a world of unprecedented changes", Gabriele Zedlmayer, Chief Progress Officer at HP, opens her keynote to kick off DLDwomen 2014. To illustrate that nothing remains the same, she lays down some examples from demographics to digitization: In 1800, we had 1 billion people on earth, in 1960, we had 3 billion, now we have over 7 billion. Today, we produce more data in 2 days than from the beginning of mankind until 2003. We have more mobile phones out there than people on the planet. Physical experiences are replaced by digital experiences. Wearables are used to analyze your living habits, they can tell you how to live healthier or augment your physical abilities. Body parts will soon be 3-D printable.

Due to the digitization, we also face economical disruptions. The millennials established a new culture of sharing. Today, we gladly share cars, music and media rather than owning it. Businesses are being disrupted. Uber is an example in the transport sector. Instead of fighting it, a lot of cab companies have already embraced the change and adapt to it.

This generation also wants to share the responsibility to protect the planet. The earth today needs one and a half years to regenerate from the way we extract resources and produce waste, it is not sustainable. The way we work and live has to be disrupted.

Zedlmayer shows one of her HP projects that applies technology to help protecting our planet. Digital sensors are installed in rain forests to build an early warning system for threatened species. 40 percent of the air we breath in comes from the rain forest. We need to do more to protect it.

The rules of the game have changed. You have to decide what is relevant for you, Zedlmayer winds up, learn the skills you need and apply them to your business and life choices.

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