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Issues such as population growth, dwindling fossil energy resources, and climate change appear more pressing from day to day. Dr. Reinhard Ploss, speaks about how we can tackle those problems through the use of semiconductors and how this technology may hold the key to driving productivity and quality of life.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss from Infineon was talking about how to combine the digital and the real life, because that's the future. It's a great opportunity and a great need for us with an influence over software and hardware.

Everyone wants a decent life, healthy and with good food on the table. The population is growing, but resources not. How to deal with it in the futures with more and more mega cities. How can we improve the carbon footprint on the world? Renewable energy? But those energies are not constantly available - sun is not always shining, wind not always blowing.

Productivity of all what we do is key. The combination of machine industry and digital offers great opportunities, Dr. Ploss explained. We need to think further and beyond of this. We need to connect the real world with the digital backbone for a digital life. Maybe the autonomous driving is part of it. Driving without driving offers more time for other projects, a new way of efficiency. Smart home also makes an impact, but it's only the beginning. Semiconductors will increasingly drive productivity and improve quality of life.

What about smart agriculture? From product, intelligent product, connected intelligent product, system of products, system of systems - a lot of things can come together for a decent and peaceful life. The key ability for it will be the combining, the interfacing of real and digital world and the ability to manage complex systems. How can we get more out of data after collecting and analyzing them. The connected age has just began.

Don't think about software only! Hardware is also needed. Think about battery life for example. Hardware can connect to the real world, software can't.

What about Germany? How to move Germany's industry forward? What are new business models? What can be a real value add? Is it to generate more knowledge? Learn faster? Forcing higher productivity? But to be true: we need to reduce the time to market.

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