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Images are important to the development of healthcare technology because the human is a creature driven by images, explains Bernd Montag who is CEO of the Imaging and Therapy Systems Division at Siemens. Visualization techniques are at the heart of his work, because it helps to actually understand what takes place in the invisible parts of human bodies. Pictures have a function, they can be guides and illustrate interdependencies, Montag says. Images are also an extremely fast form of communication. With one glance you can understand or see what is going on in the visualized human body, which can be crucial in emergency situations for doctors to make decisions. And finally Montag says that visualization is necessary to illustrate change.

The philosophical thoughts, that Bernd Montag talks about, behind using images in healthcare have a clear market oriented motivation. Siemens' goal is to help move healthcare to a focus on prevention. This expert talk shines a light on where healthcare is moving and how much less intrusive the methods could become if visualization is further expanded, or as Bernd Monatg says "if images guide the way"...

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Bernd Montag
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CEO of Imaging & Therapy Systems Division
Siemens AG

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