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A highly committed panel shared views about the future of leadership roles and their importance for a company’s success.

Ana-Cristina Grohnert (Ernst&Young) answered Isabell Welpe’s (TUM) first question on what the biggest changes in leadership roles are going to be. Ana-Cristina said “business as usual is over” work is becoming more flexible, and a generational conflict is going to challenge roles in teams and for leaders. While John Gerosa (Google) added that he can’t imagine one industry in the world that is not affected by digitization.

Isabell Welpe went on to question if democratisation of teams and leadership processes is going to matter. For John Gerosa (Google) it surely is, and he pointed out that it’s about sharing. “We’re expected to listen much more as leaders and team members are often actually elected.” Demographic change will also bring change in organisations towards a more democratic work ethic, according to Ana-Cristina Grohnert (Ernst&Young).

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Key competencies for future leaders?

Leaders need to be self relfected and innovative in their communication skills, the panel agreed on this with regards to Isabell Welpe’s question on how leaders need to adapt to future challenges. John Gerosa (Google) added that with an increasingly diverse workforce you need to be able to adapt to your team members. “Sitting in the office day by day” said Ana-Cristina Grohnert, “we sometimes miss how much is changing in the world. As leaders we need to stay in touch with this change.”

Define Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership means to listen as well as challenge your teams. “It’s about moderation” said Ana-Cristina Grohnert (Ernst&Young). “You include all perspectives and then moderate. You are a leader by making these kinds of decisions” she explained as a definition for inclusive leadership. While John Gerosa said that as an American he is disappointed in some aspects of how Europe lags behind in gender diversity, which is why he emphasised diversity in teams as a key to making inclusive leadership possible.

The panel is wrapped up by questions from an international mix of people from Afghanisatn to Switzerland.

DLDw14 Conference - "Relevance!-  2014

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