Industry Outlook

Henrique de Castro, COO of Yahoo, talks in his panel about the future of industry

Where will be the Internet and TV in 2015? "The problem about TV is, there's no personalization." de Castro says. The Internet and the social networks provide the possibility to create your own profiles, build your own experiences and do personalized searches. "With the different networks on the Internet you can get a flow of information in the way you want.", de Castro explains.

Industry Outlook

Christoph Schuh, Henrique de Castro

The digital market wins with its three types of content: text, image and video. The mind not only has to think about one. You can decide how you want to get information. Till 2015 it's obvious that the digital market will grow more and more but it's likely that TV won't. To follow the "digital world" the TV-industry must regain lost.

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