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Steffi Czerny welcomes Regine Sixt, Senior Executive Vice President at Sixt SE, and Paul Sahner, celebrity reporter of Bunte, on stage.

They begin discussing why there are so few women in leading positions in the world. On a positive note, Regine says, a lot has already changed since she has started her career. Today, women can go to the university, they have a lot of career choices. 60% of Sixt employees are women. On the other hand, it is still very challenging to balance career and family demands.

Sixt itself is a family business in the fourth generation. Wich advice does Regina give to her sons? Regina says, she gave them the most exquisite education and the freedom not to work for Sixt, but they came back to the company.

Car sharing is the future

Which role does the digitization play at Sixt? The digitization has changed the whole company, Regina states. 60% of Sixt's bookings are coming via Internet. They spend millions on SEO and Google marketing. Looking at the young generation, Sixt also created the car sharing service Drive Now in cooperation with BMW. Especially in urban areas, people prefer the easiness and flexibility of renting a car instead of owning it.

Has there been a point in her carreer where she knew she made it? "If you say you made it, you are finished. I have accomplished something, but I don't have made it." Regina advices to stay hungry, be determined to grow and share your passion.

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