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A look at the InspiredBy video series

Alexander Schaublitz is in charge of Marketing at Lufthansa.

Spencer Baim is the Chief Strategic Officer at Vice.

Every trip holds within it the chance to be pretty fantastic. 90% of the worlds population doesn’t have the privilege to travel. When Lufthansa came together with Vice they wanted to find a voice for a younger generation.


When a brand can play within and own a cultural space you start doing something very interesting. If you can tap into something young people leave they will want to follow you, like you and share with their friends. Travel is a passion of younger people, but not one that they would immediately tie to an airline.

Vice went out and actually talked to employees of Lufthansa. The videos were unscripted, but with high production values that had a degree of authenticity that was important for reaching a young market, the generation with the most sensitive bullshit detector ever.


You can be authentic but boring. Being authentic but compelling is a challenge, but when you crack it, you can reach out to a youth market.

Authenticity means being myself. Being who you are and not trying to be someone else. Being authentic as a brand is easier if you have an accurate brand leader. Think Apple or Virgin. It is much harder at a company without someone like Branson or Jobs. It can, however, be done.

Branded Content

Vice doesn’t do branded content. They do content sponsored by brands.

In the instance of inspired by, Vice saw it as a chance to get into a travel channel. The work between Vice and Lufthansa felt like a natural fit. Not like one company trying to make itself something it wasn’t by association.

The Future of branded Content?


It’s all about making great content. But most likely a small percentage will be amazing, but the bulk will be terrible. It will still be advertising.

If you watch InspiredBy there is very little Lufthansa in it. It could be a TV show. That’s what makes it work.

How does Vice compare to what RedBull media house is doing? They are another example of doing it right. But what they are doing is very different from what Vice is doing. RedBull is a drink company. Vice is a media company. But as an example of a brand doing great work it is excellent.

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Alexander Schlaubitz
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Spencer Baim
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