IoT meets Internet of People

Iot meets internet of people

Hilary Mason is joined by David Kenny (Weather Channel) and Stefan Denig (Siemens Director Cities) talking about the Internet of Things and the Internet of people.

It is estimated that In 2020, we will have 50 billion smart and connected devices in the world. Computer will basically disappear and merge with the real world, Stefan Denig predicts. It will lead to a paradigm shift in our daily applications.

We will also be able to react to situations like extreme weather more efficiently because all these devices will proliferate specific data and will be able to exchange information. Will we start to trust the machines then? In certain fields, we already do such as in aviation, Kenny points out. In other fields there is a lot of hesitation.

What are the biggest challenges between us and the future of connected devices? Obviously the NSA surveillance scandal has thrown us back a lot, Kenny states. "People need to trust the data in order for the data to be useful to them." You have to build a new basis of trust that the data will be used for societal and individual good. Otherwise the development will hit a wall. It's an issue of morality and ethics that need to be established to make sure data won't be misused.

Denig agrees and adds that the regulatory and political environment would have to change. The automobile of the future, for instance, will steer itself. Will we be ready to accept that? What will that mean for insurance companies? Who will be liable if an accident happens? So this shift would have consequences on the individual, the societal and regulatory level. All of these levels would need to adapt to those changes, in order to establish these technologies.