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Coding evolves to the new language of the 21th century where in every nook and corner softwares arrange the functionality of the daily life. The panel is about the concreteness of coding and that it isn't just a cryptic science of physics. It can and should be learned by everybody. They particular focus on motivating women to get into this field not least. According to them a female influence could be very advantageous.

Coding is THE buzzword in the US at the moment. Maybe not only in the US. But what's the big deal? There are a lot of reasons for it. But in the future there will be a lack of computer programmers. Up to 70% of the jobs could be free in 2020. Now it's becoming the job for the future in every sector of society, e.g. health.

One way to learn to code is Codecademy, Rachel Swidenbank is representing on stage. Codecademy believes that anyone should have access to this skills which are necessary in the 21st century. That's why they offer online courses and projects for different languages. You can learn frontend languages as well as backend languages for free. Maybe you create a new business out of your new skills. Who knows.

For kids there's another possibility to get into coding: Hopscotch. It's for 8-12 year old kids and they will not only learn a new language. Hopscotch teach them to think, computational thinking. It's really simple, Jocelyn Leavitt explained. Just drag and drop blocks of code to learn the logic behind computers.

DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Sorin Morar

But what's the picture you have in mind if you think of coders? The white, twenty something guy in pants, at his parents home with a massive hygienic problem? This is only one of the misconceptions out there. But it can be really fun. Why not joining the exclusive coding club today to tear down the walls? Especially female coders are rare. That's why Kristen Titus started Girls who code. She wants to motivate girls to try coding, because often kids don't really know what a computer scientist looks like. Role models and best cases are needed like the girl who wrotes an app for New York's "Shakespeare in the park" lottery to win automatically. Isn't coding sexier as you thought?

You don't need to be a Silicon Valley computer scientist to make a difference in someone else's life! Just find your inspiration like six girls in a middle school in Texas. They were inspired by a blind guy and wrote an app for him.

Please give coding a try! Maybe at tomorrow's additional workshops at DLDwomen '14.

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