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Sean Garrett, from the communication consultancy The Pranama Collective in San Francisco, kicks off on DLD15’s final day, with a confession: “I’ve lost control over communication.” Garrett says the watershed moment, that made it glaringly clear we’ve all lost control over communication was when Sony was hacked and the companies information was leaked gloablly.

“The thing is companies have created these personalities for themselves and strain under an unbearable immediacy of now.” Garrett says thinks that companies need to “get real” and communicate with authenticity above all. To him Pope Francis has done this better than any other brand recently.

“Companies are a mirror, not a movie” Garrett says “so they have to think about how they can be their best selves.” His key idea is that it starts with internal communcation. If a company is transparent on the inside it is easier for them to communicate openly to the outside.

Garrett wraps up his consultancy session with the example of how the sweater company Everlane achieved openness and transparency in their communication strategy.

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Sean Garrett
The Pramana Collective
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The Pramana Collective
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