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The crystal ball of Linda Bolan Abraham (comScore)

Linda Bolan Abraham is working for comScore about Digital Media Measurement. The landscape of Digital Media Measurement is changing, the audience is changing - but how and how changes the monetization? Multiple devices are everywhere and we now have a lot of measurement questions because of them. We saw a lot of headlines about it in the last couple of months. So, where is the content going, where the monetization? That's the job of comScore to find out in 2015.

10 years ago, the early days of Digital Media Measurement, comScore only had to deal with primarily usage of desktops and sometimes laptops and primarily one operating system. The fragmentation of channels, more content led to more human capital for measurement. Now it's not only fragmentation of channels comScore has to deal with, with all the devices they have to deal with a fragmentation of different devices.

Other questions appeared, e.g. 100 impressions means 1 content seen by 100 people or 10 times seen by 10 people? What exactly does it mean? How many people did we reach? How many times? What is the individual consumer doing? A real measurement challenge because of cross-media usage of devices.

Especially Millenials (18-34 years) use less traditional channels, a third is using digital channels - you might not reach them. The digital behavior changed dramatically in the last 3.5 years, doubling time people spend on the internet in 2014 (113%). It became more and more important than traditional channels. comScore also sees a usage of more screens, means more devices. The result: The more devices you have, the more content you consume, the more time you spend on every device - because people are able to consume content on-demand.

And this is just the beginning...

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