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Bernhard Niesner, founder of Busuu, started the social language platform to help people learning languages better. One interesting aspect is that women learn very differently than men. Women do more tests and interact more. For Niesner, the biggest challenge in learning is motivation. Goal setting is therefore very important and the quantification of those goals. A second aspect is community. The agenda for future education is mobile, blended learning and adaptive learning. This means a mobile, trackable, social and customized learning experience. Stephanie Hospital, manager of Orange foundation, follows on to talk about global e-learning market, which will be ncreasing by 7.9% every year until 2016. Orange foundation is committed to support digital education worldwide. For Hospital "Education is the only tool" for empowerment. Moderator David Rowan asks how technology changes the way of education. Niesnr replies that tracking complete user history in the learning experience is to make learning more efficient. For the potential of peer to peer learning, Nieser, is optimistic as he believes in the power of community. "Students sitll value the university from top school. How will that change?" For Hospital, the change is already happening and the value of Harvard and Oxford is the community, not the learning experience. Niesner also points out that one needs to differentiate between developed and developing countries. For students in developing country, it is such a huge advantage to have access to online learning. They can listen to lectures to top researchers and professors by only having something as easy as an internet access. Hospital also continues to say that for Orange, a mobile communication company, supporting education is a mutually beneficial project. "We give people freedom as education is freedom." The panel finishes with a quote from Malala Yousafzai "Education is the only solution. Education first!"

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