Lessons Learned from the US Elections

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What are the ramifications of the US Elections for journalism? How is the role of journalism changing in a world of direct tweets and fast-paced clickbait? Jeff Jarvis talks with Kara Swisher (ReCode), Ludwig Siegele (The economist) and Jochen Wegner (Die Zeit).

Kara Swisher

• journalists want to fit in, but they need to remember, they’re not typists

• the more outspoken a text is, the more impact it has

• do not just believe and type what people are saying

• if somebody lies it is okay to say so, you do not have to call it falsehood (as an editor of the Washington Post suggested)

• we are not in this to be liked

Jochen Wegner

• slow down, do some fact-checking before pushing a news

• you should be transparent of what you don't know

• the New York Times did a great job providing context in the last couple of months

• even academics don't know how a newsroom works

• introduced a transparency blog last year, huge feedback

• need to engage people in real world discussions

• perfect filter for that (as a trusted brand)

• every time we cover terrorism, we help the terrorism – it's a paradox, but we cannot ignore what happened either

Jeff Jarvis

• the publication of the unverified dossier by Buzzfeed was right – we have a right to know

• if you think the public is too stupid to handle it, we need to educate them

• information will flow without us, we as journalists must listen and add value to that

• world of emotion right now, the emotion that rules is fear

• can you tackle ill-informed emotions with facts?

Ludwig Siegele

• there is actually research that if you tell people something is wrong, more are believing in it

• structural change: truth and coherence does not play a major role anymore

• lost the value of structuring society and being the fundament for political decisions

• do we need gatekeepers? We might not want to leave that job to Facebook

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