Mass Migration and Tech: Solutions for a global issue

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The last panel of the day focused on the refugee crisis and how digitalization could help to solve it. The speakers were introduced by Solveigh Hieronimus (McKinsey &Co): Thomas Holl (Babbel), Matthew McAllister (The white House OSTP) and Jens Spahn (German Bundestag).

"Every migrant owns a mobile phone, so we should use apps to integrate and support people", suggested Jens. For example to learn a language. Thomas, CEO of Babbel, launched the language learning app eight years ago. Right now it is not only used by people who want to learn a new language for fun, but by refugees who want to become more integrated by learning the language. "It's impossible to teach two million people at school – but technology makes it possible", he said. Of course it would be important to educate the young migrants as soon as possible. A solution can be upskill programs like the US-based TechHire: "We offer a program called to upskill workers in the tech industry", said Matthew McAllister from the White House. "Digitalization can help to solve the problem", concluded Solveigh the talk. "It's a shock now, but it's also a tremendous opportunity – and we need to act immediately."

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