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Path the app that let´s you share more private with the people close to you are expanding thru Europe.

Founder Dave Morin having a conversation with David Kirkpatrick told the story of why he founded Path. He was observing how he didn´t talk to the people who where closest to him. That his family and closest where not up to date about how is day had been and visa versa. We wanted to create "how was your day" in to a platform where you could share in an intimate way.

And with that said I think we can say that Path has with 5 million users, the launch of a new search engine for user-memories and having 50% more trafic only this month. One well loved feature by users are where you share when you go to bed and when you wake up and of course the partnership with Nike where yuo share your running activity.

Kirkpatrick most direct question to Morin was "Do you think Facebook will buy you?". "I don´t know. We are focused for the long tearm with Path" Morin answered.

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Dave Morin
Founder & CEO
San Francisco

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