Mission 31

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Fabien Cousteau, filmmaker, explorer, and grandson of pioneering oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, is taking a page out of his grandfather’s book by conducting a month-long scientific research mission in the underwater habitat and laboratory, Aquarius. Symbolically, he will also be breaking his grandfather's record by staying underwater one day longer than Jacques Cousteau.

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He is explaining his motivation for the 31-day adventure at DLD14. "Mission 31 - Deeper, longer further is not an x-rated porn movie coming out, but the result of a crazy idea I had, originating from the history of underwater diving, my love for technology and passion for storytelling."

His grandfather co-invented the aqualung, without which underwater exploring would never have been possible. Even still, we have only discovered around five percent of the world's oceans today. "This allows us to imagine the countless discoveries left to uncover," says Cousteau, comparing underwater exploration to living in outer space.

DLD14 conference Munich - "Content And Context"  - January 19-21, 2014

The six explorers will be living in a habitat around the size of a school-bus next to a coral reef. "The true cities of the ocean," as he describes the biodiversity hubs. The cost of the mission is approximately $400,000 a month. The station has Wifi and very endeavor will be broadcast. As such, Cousteau hopes that the project will engage billions of people for its full duration.

The physiological and psychological effects experienced by the team during the mission will also be studied. The team will start training two weeks prior to mission that starts in April and goes through May of 2014.

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