Mobile Disruption

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"Mobile will change every buisness model that we see today", Stefan Winners introduces the topic of the panel. There's a massive change in user behaviour towards mobile. Today, people use tablets and mobiles along with desktop computers and looking at the numbers, mobile usage will soon outperfom desktop computing. Still, the revenue is much lower for mobile media. Mark Read, WPP, says half of our Internet traffic is mobile, but not half of the budgets is spent mobile.

Explaining the misrelation further, Michael Wolf points out that the fuel of web revenue has been banners and video advertising. However, these formats do not suit mobile media. By the end of the year, we certainly are going to see new formats. Part of the reason why Facebook and Twitter has succeeded is that there's a natural place for advertising within their feed, Wolf thinks.

Another point that is mentioned is the lack of a cookie ecosystem to track and target users mobile. Troy Young thinks an advantage to leverage will be the possibility to localize users. It will be important to adapt to responive design solutions and find possibilities to tap into apps, as everything is going to administered by apps in the future.

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