Mobile For Good: Wikipedia Zero and Beyond

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Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, talks about his next projects with Wikipedia, the global knowledge platform. Wikiapedia Zero wants to give people access to Wikipedia with no data charges. There are 500 Mio people worldwide, especially in the developing countries, who would theretically have access to this. In Africa there is an easy access to cheap smartphones and Internet access is increasing exponentially. Last year in Nigeria 40% were online, starting with 0.1% in 2000. Bandwith is also increasing extremely so Wikipedia Zero is aiming to partner with telecommunications companies to offer access to Wikipedia for free, especially for educations purposes in Africa. In a typical school in Africa 90% of the students have a mobile which they could easily use for educational purposes and their research. Going beyong Wikipedia Zero he also announces to donate 1 billion $ to charity by starting a telecommunication company which spends 10% of the monthly bill to a good cause. Given 3.5 billion subscribers wordlwide and a monthly revenue is 13 dollars, only a 2 % market share would suffice to reach the 1 billion goal within a year.

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