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It's all about big data in online advertising. Not just big data, huge data.

But adveritsing is changing. Is there anything other than Google? How do we reach customers, how do we reach new customers? How is data used? These are a few of the subjects Gerhard Thomas puts to Dan Lagani, Serge Matta, Chris Cunningham, Robert LoCasio and Tal Keinan.

What does customer centricity mean to your business?

Dan Lagani: The customer has to be at the core of your business model. Our customers are the advertising community.

Serge: Comscore is a data analytics company that measures every single platform. We value every customer, but clearly big media companies have a huge impact.

Chris: The last 20 years of advertising has been focused on the wrong metrics. Thats a demand focused mentality. It is more thoughtful to work with the publisher and ask about user activity. Ask the developer what people do, and what is the natural break. There is a tremendous opportunity to identify the natural break in mobile to find the best time to reach the consumer.

Robert: Consumers have a lot more power than ever before. They live outside the website and they have a voice. Brands are reactive, the question is how can they be proactive and create a relationship with the consumer.

Tal: Ad extent provides customer retargeting. Customer centricity means being able to identify their consumers more likely to convert.

How is big data to be monetised

Chris: We know the who, but maybe the when and where needs to be known. How do we leverage multiple data sources that give us the who and the when.

Serge: We own a lot of data. The big guys are seeing the need of sharing their data with third parties. We are now in deals with Google and other big parties.

Dan: The value proposition is the first party insights that mobile can provide.

Robert thinks the last half mile has a lot more value when combined with the data that google has.

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Chris: Peoples time spent on mobile is growing. We will soon be spending 90% of our time on mobile devices, which means the end of cookies. A post cookie world.

Tal: At the end of the day ad campaigns run on data. The data that they monitor is more valuable than search data. Machine learning is going to be needed. It's not big data it's huge data.

Chris: There is too much obsession on the data alone. The quality and timing of the ad product doesn't get enough conversion. No one will ever say they love mobile advertising. More beauty is needed.

Who helps your customers?

Dan: The idea of identifying the natural break is right on. What starts form a good place quickly ends up in a little box that just pushes prices down. That happens quickly in the digital space.

Robert: We have to focus on once we get them there how do we touch them.

How has monetisation evolved over time?

Dan: If you aren't giving the customers what they want your business doesn't grow. Greatest growth has been around video. From being single digit to solid double digit percent of advertising.

What does the change to mobile traffic mean? Chris: What's good for the user? If 2013 was the rod for native, intent will be an important word now. Understand what the user means to do. If the advertisers are forcing publishers to buy crap they will push the prices down. The publishers have to start creating better inventory.

Serge: Clients look at everything. They want to know how many people saw the TV commercial, how many then went online, and actually looked at the product, and how many actually bought the product.

Robert: How do we take someone from the web to the store? You need to transcend digital commerce. It's about content.

What kind of people work for you?

Dan: If you don't have an understanding of advertising you wont be employable.

Chris likes to look for people who work for long hours with low pay.

Serge has partnered with top universities and professors point good people their way.

Robert wants passionate and kind of crazy people who want to change the world.

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