More is More: Mindset of Abundance

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Naveen Jain (CEO of Inome) kicks off the panel with a brief story about his childhood which was full of poverty and scarcity. He went to the United States with just 5 $ in his pockets and managed to study engineering without even English before and work his way up. During his life journey he met so many people who helped him that now he wants to go out and help others to pay back what he received and impact millions of people in their life. Claudia Gonzalez (The Global Fund) goes in with the questions of "What is the mindset of abundance?" For Naveen it is that you don't think that anything is impossible or that anything scares you. Anything that has been scarce can be plentiful because of disruptive change. But how to generate disruptive change? If we take the education system, bllions of people need education and we need fundamental change there. But the education system cannot be disrupted because we have not defined the problem correctly. If we say the problem is that the education system is broken, we want to fix it. But if the problem is that the education system is broken we would then start looking for a new one. Especially for education we need to understand that every person is different and we need a system that is more adaptive to that. Naveen emphasizes that in order to make a difference in the world, you should think and talk crazy. Go out and say that you want go to the moon. Why? Because it is inspiring, it would inspire everyone else. One must keep talking crazy. Also, in terms of relationships you must spend time and connect with people in a way that makes you vulnerable. Go out and say: I trust you. In order to change the world you must master three points: think differently and go outside of your field of expertise to disrupt your field. Never be afraid to share. Never be afraid to fail. Be proud to say: "I am the right CEO because I know how not do to it three times the way." Go out and change the world.

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