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It’s been another inspiring and packed few days at DLD. The motto this year was “it’s only the beginning”. Unfortunately on Tuesday, DLD15 was coming to an end. Business Insider’s chief correspondent and the author, Nicholas Carlson, gave a wrap-up of what he will be taking away with him as he leaves. From Ben Horrowitz, Carlson learned that the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is to keep their own minds from attacking them, and that by definition innovative ideas look like bad ideas. From Travis Kalanick he learned that there are around a billion cars on the road, and that they go unused 96 percent of the time. From Bill Gross, he learned that the real key to start-up success is timing. Carlson also learned there is a start-up in Brooklyn growing leather and beef without cows, and that the Joshua Kushner does meditation and named his health insurance company Oscar after his grandfather. His last lesson learned was that friendships are to be valued and that “it is only the beginning”.

Nicholas Carlson’s latest book is “Marissa Mayer and the fight to save Yahoo!”.

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