Moving The Masses: New Tech & Broadband

Moving the masses
DLD conference

In addition to the talk "Between Bits & Budgets: State Of The EU" Dominic Eskofier (Nvidia), Günther Oettinger (European Commission), Lutz Schüler (Liberty Global), and Jules Urbach (Otoy) talked about how new technologies and broadband are moving the masses.

Lutz Schüler, Liberty Global

• Liberty Global recently bought Formula 1, you might have heard about it

• speed - like new technologies, so much possible, but limitation

• app developers learned to live with limitation, but think what would be possible without!

"We need gigabit networks rather soon - and we will deliver them“

"Liberty Global will provide around 60 million European households with gigabit speeds over the next few years, we are the forefront in leading Europe to the gigabit society"

"I strongly believe in infrastructure competition. If we invest, our competitors will also invest - and vice versa."

• We have a chance - win some value chain back from silicon valley

Günther Oettinger

"The virtual reality is an asset. It has to be intelligently regulated."

• digital/virtual world can’t exchange the real world, e.g. beer in a beer garden

Lutz Schüler gave a spontaneous and emotional answer to this

• but, imagine a sports game, virtual reality is added value, sitting in a VIP lounge, etc. - the chance to join a game for Millions, not only the 60,000 to 80,000 in the stadium

"360° content needs higher bandwidth. Our 360° movies need 2.4 Gigabit/s", added Jules Urbach.

"I believe in VR. But live-quality in 8K will eat a lot of bandwidth."

Oettinger's answer

• 500 Bio. Euro investments for 5G infrastructure, all 28 countries, but it needs to be prioritized

"Indeed we come to a gigabit society, even in rural areas. We need 500mbps or gigabit broadband. This costs 500bn Euro. But it is feasible."

Future of 5G

• 5G can’t replace fiber, it will be like today with LTE on your phone and 200 MB at home, it will be 5G as an addition to fiber

• 5G all over - Seoul starting next year, we are a little bit late, but by 2020 we hopefully rolling it out same time as US and others (Oettinger)

"The main infrastructure is no longer the highway, it's broadband for everyone“

"5G won't replace fixed-line networks, you rather need more fiber, but it will complement the highspeed experience", added Lutz Schüler

If building high-speed networks remains this slow, Europe looks certain to fail in the next growth phase of digitalisation.