Munich Dialog I

Rem koolhaas
DLD conference

Rem Koolhaas, OMA started with a short keynote and was joined by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Galleries for a conversation about migration and the change in rural areas.

Rem Koolhaas is a professor at Harvard University where he conducts the Project on the City, a research program investigating the world's changing urban conditions.

• change of cities starting from the 1940's

• harvesting area in middle of USA and Canada - it’s simple art

• an armada of incredible machinery, expensive, to be affordable needs to be running 24 hours, …

• impact of digitization on rural landscapes - new perspectives

• digital working farmers - a symbol for agriculture in the digital age

• technically created agriculture can be more interesting what architect built the last 20 years

• showcasing sublime photos from pure technology artifacts architecture has not been able to deliver in the last 20 years

Rem Koolhaas in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist

• migration, exodus to the city

• obsessions for the cities he has really neglected the countryside - so he went to Siberia

• found the changes of a little Swiss village in the mountains interesting and the climate change

• research of countryside, near Nevada, server farms and rectangles