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Ralph Simon, the "father of the ring tone" in conversation with Phil McIntyre, Philymack and Jay Brown, RocNation. Meet the storytellers behind the storytellers.

Key Questions

• How to make somebody a star?

• How do you tell a story in modern times?

• How do you develop stars and teach them to be such storytellers?

Introduction to the storytellers behind the storytellers

• Jay and Phil are working together - storytelling developing partner

• Philymack: entertainment and music management company for multi-platinum artists Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas/DNCE

• RocNation itself is a partnership of Jay Brown with Hip Hop legend Jay-Z and Tyran “TyTy” Smith

• RocNation overturned entertainment & sports business

• "building brands since 2008“

• 360 degree full agency, music label, artist management firm, publishing company, and athlete representation - all in one for musicians, artists as well as athletes from e.g. NFL, Baseball, Baseball, boxing, … - 27 companies in the group

• Jay Brown is also manager of Jerome Boateng

• Kevin Durant - more endorsement deals as any other athletes

DLD17 Conference Day 3

Storytelling in modern times

• FB: attention span is 4 sec, how do you get people to spend more on your brand?

• You have to create a story

• Phil: "Everybody’s so distracted these days, you got to push yourself to produce the best content possible.“

• Jay: "The most important thing is to be present"

• Phil: story of „Jealous“ by Nick Jonas - Jonas Brother, Disney kind of band, Nick Jonas as solo artist, break out, „does not have soul“

• took back to his routes, singing at church, „Jealous“ as a Gospel version - video changed perception of him, placed value, going viral in the middle of a campaign, massive global hit

•Jay: "I don’t believe we 'make' everybody"

• Jay about Rihanna: "I don’t walk in her shows or live her life 24 hours a day" - as a group participating in her career, proud of it - offer guidance and information

• Phil about Demi Lovato: some personal struggles, but perfect for storytelling, lean in into the situation instead to put it under the rocket, it was a tough decision, middle of a crisis, see straight, public loved authenticity, authenticity is everything especially in times of fake news

• inspired by Jay: she is not only a popstar, she is one of the best vocalists of her generation, you have to showcase her and her voice in a different way and tell this story

DLD17 Conference Day 3


• we are living in the age of screenagers - are our core audience and we speak directly to them through Social Media and bolster it with traditional media

• Jay has a screenager at home, looking at his screen all the time

• balancing storytelling creativity and being in the business of being in business

• we want to dream and to fulfill their dreams - mentoring young artists on their way

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