New Approaches in Venture Capital

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The next speaker on stage is known as a “super-angel”: Aydin Senkut, Founder and Managing Director of Felicis Ventures. Prior to starting Felicis Ventures, Aydin was a Senior Manager at Google, responsible for strategic partner development and account management in Asia Pacific. On the panel he was interviewed by Martin Weiss (Burda Principal Investments). "Aydin, you have been employee number 36 at Google", Martin opened the talk and asked him what characterizes a Google employee. "They are driven and they don't think as employees, but as owners. It think that makes the difference", he answered.

"Diversity is a key factor for success"

And when it comes to VC, he is the ultimate expert. Aydin is well-known as an early backer of a number of iconic companies including Shopify, Fitbit, Adyen, Clearslide, Credit Karma, and Rovio. "My philosophy is to go all in. But of course i had a good timing, there weren't many angel investors at that time." He also said, that for him it's important to work with an international team, because diversity is a key factor for success. "My team is a crazy combination", he admitted. "But diversity should be the DNA of a company – because you need different perspectives and backgrounds." Talking about diversity – which area is in his opinion hot right now for investments? "I think Canada has great potential, because the government really supports entrepreneurs and start-ups."

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