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Four days, 3,200 exhibits and 20,000 product launches later, the world’s biggest digital trade show--aka, the International Consumer Electronics show--is a wrap. Survivor Greg Harper reports back from the front lines.

Greg Harper, "The Gadget Man" informs us very well with his entertaining joy of gadgets.

The Trends:

Wearables - they are everywhere! Nike Fuel Band, Fitbit, Pepple Watch, Smart Watch, Google Glasses, ...

Sensors - and not only gadgets with sensors for humans, connect your dog and the doghouse to get information about your pet, measure plants and their needs, get messages from your kid's tooth brush, trash cans send messages in Barcelona and Nice about being full, if no one is on the streets lights are turned off

This all is very interesting when it comes to Nest, the company Google acquired a couple of days ago. They are producing smart home gadgets - and have some Apple DNA in it.

Digital Health - your remote doctor in a pocket with e.g. a digital stratoscope.

3D printing and (!) scanning - with 3D Systems' Chef Jet you can print chocolate and candy, scan everything and make a 3D printed model out of it.

4K screens - use the Chrome Stick for a smart TV, a setup box in your hand. And the best: "Smart Cable" to scale up to 4K.

Now think about Nest again. Together with Google's Chrome Stick the future is one step closer.

Gaming - PS4 and XBoxOne set a new standard

Virtual World - now it's easier to act like Superman.

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