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Zach Sims tells the story of Codecademy, an online platform to learn coding, and gives a quick outlook to the future of education.

Codecademy has been founded two years ago and counts 240 million people that has signed up to learn coding in a fun and intuitive way. Breaking down larger problems into small bits that are solvable, the structure of the courses mirrors the core method of coding itself. Right now, Codecademy teaches script languages like javascript, ruby and python as well as markup languages.

According to Zach, there's more to come: "We want to teach people the skills they need in the 21st century." He has founded Codecademy with a friend in college, when they saw fellow student graduating from Columbia and finding themselves without jobs and 200.000 dollars in student debts.

Zach thinks that there's a gap between the skills traditional institutions are teaching and the ones employers are looking for. Codecademy has started small, but will continue to add courses and programs to learn that are built on the idea to offer a digital native learning experience that goes beyond posting video lectures online.

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Zachary Sims
CEO & Co-Founder
New York

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