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News in a Platform World covered the success of Buzzfeed, RebelMouse, and Elite Daily.

Buzzfeed started as a content curating platform but in late 2011/at the beginning of 2012 they focussed on own content and build out the platform. Scott Lamb, Vice President of International on Buzzfeed, shows then the importance of Social Media to their business.

"Social Media ist the front page of Buzzfeed." - 75% of their traffic is coming from Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

What a huge impact! Maybe that's why they don't use banners or display ads. The huge amount of visitors are coming to read a specific article, and don't see the main site. This influences the content of every platform. Publisher optimize their content to start conversations, to get shared, to gain more readers. But as long as readers are sharing the content the platforms are in a very comfortable situation.

''The difference between SEO and Social distribution is not using tricks''

"We doing optimized headlines, because it works", says David Arabov from Elite Daily. "It's possible to over optimize headlines, so it's on us to expand our content", Scott counters. David Spitz, President & COO of RebelMouse: "It's not just about a clicky headline." Publishers have a more democratic approach to where content comes from, where the content lives, and everything is design driven, mobile optimized, responsive ... it's not only a single point.

Optimization is only helpful if your content is optimized for people not for machines, David Arabov explains. So they are hiring 15-years-old interns to understand their behavior. Media is changing: In 5 years people will change everything we are talking right now.

Buzzfeed is hiring journalists instead and try to expand their content. As a publisher they want to publish high quality content which is read by a lot of people. There are so many possibilities, and Scott Lamb thinks their's enough space for much more players on the field. Time to build a brand?

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