On Collecting

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Julia Stoschek is a private collector of contemporary art with a special focus on time-based media. Her collection opened to the public in 2007 and is based in Düselldorf in a refurbished factory building. It comprises approximately 650 pieces, including works of Elaine Sturtevant, Helen Marten and Mark Leckey.

Stoschek fell in love with time-based media in 2003 upon seeing the installation “Play Dead; Real Time” by Douglas Gordon. She likes to follow an artist over a long period of time, trying to acquire their key pieces so as to to capture the heart off that artist’s oeuvre.

“In the 21st century, digitization has reached the field of contemporary art,” Stoschek said. In the digital age, with its abundance of images, the role of art has changed radically according to the collector. “The function is not to generate images but to seek reflection.”

Stoschek does not collect net work – an art form that developed in the 90s that is accessible over the Internet.

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