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Social platforms and social media have the capability to connect people – but is that all? As a cofounder of initiatives for online-learning, Anna Mauersberger sees great potential to make education available, especially for young people – digital natives. Educational establishments have changed; one could speak of Education 2.0 because instead of top-down communication learners are used to participate. Peer-to-Peer-Learning is the name of the game which has a lot of chances but is also challenging. It is not only a tag, Peer-to-Peer-Learning is a serious scenario for education of the 21st century. You have the power!

Anna Mauserberger starts with showcasing Drop Dynamic, a young rapper from Berlin. This video was the winning video of "Reputation", one of the first online webcasting shows approx. 2 years ago. Anna and her company produced it and other online content for young people to educate and politicize them. She have to admin she learned a lot of the so-called Digital Natives.

Digital Natives are people who grow up within the digitale world. They buy their music online not in stores, the used their keyboards more often than a pen, and they share their opinions with their friends. We want education to be interesting enough to be shared with friends. This is exactly what everyone in marketing wants for their products: to be excited enough to be shared by friends. But we need to understand this generation first.

Digital Natives at school want to be "etutained" - they want the education "garnished" with entertainment. That's exactly what Drop Dynamic is doing in his videos. Maybe we should start to do the same at class rooms in schools. Students have changed through digitalization and the traditional educational system is not fitting anymore. Anna and her company UFA LAB started different YouTube formats, e.g. live shows with politicians, rap battle events - some worked well, others failed completely. But they learned a lot. If you want to reinvent education you'll need to understand you have to connect on a personal level - and Social Media is all about it! Get in contact, create a connection, build a personal relationship!

"Kids don't learn from people they don't like!"

But in Germany we don't know so much about our young YouTube stars who shape opinions of the younger. They are really influential because they are still part of the peer group, talking the same language and have the same experiences. They have a connection and teach each other. We need to learn from this young people and to work with these powerful role models. Let's open our eyes and talk to the people on YouTube and Twitter, because they are our future.

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