On Information: An Edge Conversation

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Two big minds are asked to ask fundamental questions. Anton Zeilinger from Vienna University and Svante Pääbo from the Max Planck Institute are guided through a philosphical conversation by DLD friend John Brockman. How humans became such a special form of ape? asks Svante Pääbo and presents a comprehensive picture of human evolution from neanderthals to today’s genome science. Anton Zeilinger wonders about the power of our minds and compares them the abilities of machines, but points out that intuition is a specifically human capability which sets us apart from machines.

Swiftly moving from philosophical questions to ideas and phantasies like teleportation and quantum technologies the panel tickles the DLD14 audience’s imagination. As a last session of the first day at DLD14 the panelists really blow the audience's minds and trigger questions among them revolving around the concept of information and how it produces the world around us as well as how cultural and technological revolutions are connected.

Svante Pääbo and Anton Zeilinger wrap up with an optimistic message that we can use information and technology to solve many of the most fundamental problems we face today.

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