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Alexander Dobrindt is Germany's new minister for transport and digital infrastructure. His opening keynote speech at DLD14 points out DLD's influence in the field of innovation for Germany and beyond.

"Economics, Research and Science are at home in Bavaria" he says and congratulates Hubert Burda Media for creating a powerful platform for dialogue on innovation over the past ten years. The minister further introduces the term Industry 4.0 - coined by Germany's federal government - which describes the attempt to keep up with the breath taking speed at which technology is changing our societies. In his view it is all about which country has the best network and Germany has a lot of catching up to do in this regard. Alexander Dobrindt is taking on the challenging task of bringing Germany up to speed in the digital race and introduces his concept "Netz Allianz - digitales Deutschland" which pools efforts for digital objectives by boosting the modernisation process and materialising efficient high speed networks.

He illustrates his ambitious plan by comparing it to Germany's historical figure Franz Joseph Strauss, who once upon a time kick started technological competitiveness through the European Airbus Project. Dobrindt wants his initiative to bring a similar boost for european digital markets today. At the same time he highlights the social dimension of this project. "It is more than a change in technology" he says, and "any level of innovation has to bring fairness." Dobrindt believes that all people must be able to have a share in the technological advances of our time, whether rural or urban populations. The "Netz Allianz" aims to avoid a two tier society and should create access to the digital sphere for all. The minister brings his keynote speech to an end by appealing to the DLD community to play an active part in these developments and wishes everyone good luck in their endeavours.

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Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

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