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Susanne Botschen, the founder of mytheresa and Theresa, a high end luxury fashion shop in Munich speaks of her passion for fashion. Botschen refers to her passion as an intuition influenced by her lifestyle, travelling and watching people on the street. Melissa Faber Castell comes to the stage to join the discussion and ask Botschen about the value added of having additional to Theresa. Botschen says that their consumers value this foward thinking as they were als the first to open their store with D&G 30 year ago. The aim is to offer the clients the best mix of everything combined with a touch of Europe. Melissa ask who the mytheresa women is and Botschen says that the woman is very cool. They also started a brand new project with fashion ambassadors worldwide starting with Alexa Chung. Final question of Steffi: What would you advise me to wear next year. Botschen replies: " Everything is allowed."

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