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Which pictures impact us? How can a company get in touch with customers? A huge bubble of impressions bombs us every day in the social media. The panel is about how to use the capability of pictures successfully. Do images and impressions have the same effect on every person? How important is personalization? Which music or editorials around it more impactful? Luciana Lixandru leads the discussion about strategies how to boost a brand.

Visuals are powerful. People engages more with photos and videos than with text. It's an iconic turn in communication. That's why all panelists try their luck with photo or video based companies. Jose de Cabo for example founded Olapic, a visual commerce company that helps create more authentic and compelling online shopping experiences. Since launch, Olapic has attracted more than 130 major brand and retail clients including ASOS, Calvin Klein, and Coach.

Tunepics's founder Justin Cooke explained his app, the fastest growing social network in the world, as a powerful tool. Music helps people to articulate emotions, to express their feelings. Tunepics allows users to feature a song with every picture that they share, enabling them to perfectly capture the emotions behind the moments in their lives. Conversation on Tunepics centres around music, pictures and emotion: users can also express how they feel about each ‘tunepic’ by using the ‘emotion wheel’, showing if they are, for example, ‘happy’, ‘inspired’, ‘dancing’ to a tunepic. Ziggeo is totally different, but based on the same: visuals. It's an API for adding video recording and playback to any site or service.

In today's world brands need visuals and everyone can generate content with a mobile device. 1.8 bn photos are uploaded every day! Consumers already produce visual content, why not try to make the best out of it. Users are storytellers in their own way and sometimes they can tell a story much betten then the brand itself. Users want to be part of the brand, that's why they use hashtags and tagging on instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Olapic is now becoming a strong connection between the brand and the user generated content to make the best out of both worlds.

Tunepic has nearly the same background. Lots of picutres are uploaded every day, tons of songs are downloaded every day - why didn't uses these two things before and combined it? Now Tunepics is the first app and will not be the last, but it wants to be the best. Justin believes in the power of his service, because powerful visuals are combined with the power of music.

Don't forget videos! We heard about YouTube stars earlier this day. Ziggeo's CEO Susan Danziger talked about upcoming innovations, e.g. submitting videos or cheaper tools for videos. Nowadays it's possible to publish video comments on articles or video reviews of products on Yelp. The right tool for the right people, the upcoming generation.

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