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Hans Ulrich Obrist is joined by John Brockman, publisher and editor of, and Jason Wishnow, the filmmaker behind the TED talks, kicking of a block of art-focussed panels.

Obrist and Brockman speak about Brockman's different lives in the past including his experiences with the art avant-garde in the 60s, Brockman's own writing within the context of the American University of Masters including members from Heinz von Foerster to Stewart Brand as well as his role in the so-called "realities club" which inspired the Edge website.

Over to Jason Wishnow, who developed the aesthetics of TED talks. TED started in 1984, so this year marks TED's 30th anniversary. "If you think about the best teachers you had in life, these are people who affected you on an emotional as well as on an intellectual level", Wishnow explains the idea of TED talks. The aesthetics of TED talks has been influenced by the language of cinema. About a year and a half ago Wishnow left TED to pursue his own projects. Concluding the panel, he shows samples of his latest collaborations with Brockman and Ai Weiwei in a series of compelling film stills.

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