Power & Leadership in Changing Times

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The panel starts with Simone Mennes, CFO at Lufthansa for whom power is something that you should strive for. But, power is ambiguous and whenever you need to make use of it to change things it will also change yourself. The current paradox is that nowadays you need to give power away to come to a leading position as a company as well as a person. Women are better in that than men, as women tend to use power for more social reasons. Hence, more women in power can help balance the tradeoff. Theodor Weimer follows on that with a topic that evolves around what kind of leadership do we need for our future? Two trends impact us: globalization and social media. We turn into a tech based, political economy. Social media is becoming highly influential in the tech and political world. Social media leads us actually to a less diverse community. Facebook pushes extrimity and the world in black and white and like or dislike. What do we need for the future? There is a need for more emotional leadership by giving ideas and directions. In the end, those who do not manage, will be behind. If you don't move with the time, time will move without you. In a further discussion round, Ana-Cristina Grohnert emphasizes the entrepreneurship in big corporations and the importance of flexibility in this regard. The current generation's goal is to work less and live more. "For innovation, there also must be tools to overcome hierachy rules" (Simone Mennes) How to bring leadership to corporations? Theodor Weimar, decided to do Townhall meeting when he took over the job at HVB, a very different enviroment than the high performance culture he was used to at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. At the end of the day, leadership is about making other people to follow you.

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