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Douglas Rushkoff is an authority on the intersection of technology and culture. He introduces the idea of presentism.

The idea came to him while watching real housewives of OC. He kept trying to understand why there were so many communication breakdowns.

The reason is because they have had so much Botox injected that they can’t make facial expressions that fit to what is going on. By locking their faces down at age 29 they made themselves inaccessible to the time they are actually in.

This is the same mistake we made with digital technology. Technology was going to be the harbinger of increasing slack. It would give us more time.

Instead we ended up taking this tech that could have given us more time and we strapped devices to us that constantly demand our time.

It’s because we are developing tech with a confused idea of corporate capitalism in mind.

The object of the game now isn’t just to make money sustainably, it’s actually to serve old school industrial age corporate capitalism. Money is trapped in capital like the OC wives faces are stuck in Botox.

Peer to peer exchange in the ancient markets helped the rich become poor and the poor become rich. That got replaced with central currencies and that led to interest which was tied to a clock. And that is really bad for the people who are trying to create value.

Twitter is being called a failure because of this. Despite making money, they aren’t making enough because of their market cap.

So here we are talking about disruption but there is no disruption.

But what everyone fails to realise is that this whole internet digital culture thing is still sitting on top of an ancient unacknowledged operating system. Corporate capitalism. And that’s not going to work in a 21st century digital economy.

Now we are using tech not for creative disruption, but for destructive disruption.

Picketty is actually writing about that end of growth, capital has lost the ability to create profit.

Human based peer to peer value creating exchange solutions are the way we can have something to look forward to. Time to get rid of the old idea of the game. The idea needs to be that the object of the game isn’t to win, the object is to play.

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