Rethinking Mobility in a Digital World

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Time is precious. Time is a luxury. Connectivity helps us create time and enables to rethink mobility in a digital world.

Did you know that we are waisting 5 days every year in traffic? Making travel more efficient we could give people more time, Ian Robertson from BMW explained. That should be the goal for connectivity.

The digital age for cars and mobility started approx. 6-7 years ago. The car industry about 110 years. focussed on safety, navigation, and now on data. This model is changing every element they are doing in the industry. Electric mobility was just the beginning.

Changing is part of everything and only a matter of time. Mobility changed from owning cars to leasing, and now to have flexible access to cars with car sharing. The customer behaviour is changing, e.g. at mega cities like Tokyo - there will be no change even with car sharing. Ober 80% of under 25 don't have a car or a driving license - they don't like to have cars because you need expensive parking space. 30% of the traffic in most cities btw comes from looking for a parking lot. It's time waisting.

BMW started to invest in smaller companies years ago, e.g. Drive Now and focussed on electric mobility very early - because travel doesn't only mean the car. Now BWM offers now an i3 and i8 model - one is the perfect vehicle for mega cities, the other one is a plugin sports car. Sustainability became one of the main interests of the company. New technologies changed mobilities, rewrote rules and even the companies had to change to offer a wider range of new products.

Sustainability is everywhere. The factory is using energy coming from windfarms, recyclable materials are used, and products with zero emissions were developed.

Not only the company transformed itself. The customer's devices changed the Point of Sale. A lot of people still love cars but 97% of BWM's customers already know which car they want before enter a dealership. The role of sales persons changed as well. Sales people were trained to become Product Geniuses in BMW brand stores to help the customer with all the different possibilities of technology within and around the car.

Automatic cars? Yes, this will be possible in the next 7-10 years. BMW already collect a lot of data while driving. Now, Ian Robertson is not sure if BMW is ready to hand over decision making to an algorithm for avoiding accidents. Last week at CES Las Vegas it was already possible to see cars parking on its own.

"We will see more innovation in the next 10 years than we have in the last 100."

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