Rafael Mizrahi shows us a deep inside view of Israeli's un-conferences and maker's scene.

GarageGeeks, GeekCon, MuseNet, and Kinnernet are un-conferences for makers and robotics, thousands of peoples are meeting each other for creation and innovations.

Rafael himself started with different innovations: home-made games, guitars that teaches you to play, TRON costumes, later a robot played a guitar, a virtual skater game was remodeled into a real game using a skate and a Wii Remote, an Iron Man Simulator to realize how to fly or mind controlled Angry Birds.


Limor Schweitzer, CEO of RoboSavvy, introduces us to his company with the following words:

"RoboSavvy is the amazon for robotics."

Not a tiny little goal, but RoboSavvy is offering everything around robotics. You'll find 3D printers, 3D scanners, and sensors. The first idea behind the company was to create robots who will fight agains each other, but not on TV, in your living room! Well, sounds fascinating but not for investors.

"We don't do time machines, flying cars or robotics."

With the vision in his mind, Limor set up this shop for others to build all the robots who maybe will help you out at home, cleaning your bathroom, get's you a coffee in the morning or help to nurse in a hospital. At the moment Boston Dynamics is the state of the art as shown in the live demo - and it's acquired by Google. No one know what's Google doing with it. We will see.

RoboSavvy is working on different projects, e.g. a kid-sized robot or robots connected with a Kinnect - Kids love to play with it. For Social Media they designed a robot who's interacting through Facebook. The robot is able to recognize faces. If it don't know the face, it's sending you a friend request, doing photos with you, listening to you music, and maybe starts to dance - like a "real" friend.

The real friend look-a-like robot is also not a future scenario anymore. With 3D scanning and printing it's easy to scan people's faces and print it for modelling your new robotic buddy.


Sergei Lupashin shows us it's fotokite project called "Aerial photography" in a live demo.

The wish to cover a moment with a photo is not new, but it's not so easy to photograph the earth from above. With fotokite there's no need to go up in the air for it. A lot of companies are working on similar things, coming from the aerospace or smartphone approaches. But what will be the result? A flying smartphone? What's always been needed is an operator and the controlling device, e.g. the Parrot drone and a smartphone. But the first couple of tests ends with crushes.

"Things go wrong very quickly."

Sergei combined his drone with a dog leash - well, walking the robot?! But it offers a lot of possibilities and totally different perspectives, and it's easy to get the robot back.

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