Ryan Trecartin's Gesamtkunstwerk - A Talk

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Ryan Trecartin is a young and aspiring movie artist who was born and grow up in the Internet age. The session kicks off with a short trailer about Ryan's work. He sees his movies as writing the scripts and then combine them through the process of shooting. He discovered the technologies used in movies during his high school time when he edited movies by himself. Ryan understands his videos as kind of poems and would like its users to also read it like poems. When Hans-Ulrich asks him about velocity and energy drinks, he responds that it was very intense during the shoot due to time constraints and that he loves the idea of moving fast and how people relate and react to speed and movements. Finally, it is important for Ryan to explore ideas and not judge them. His recent work incorporates a video with the idea of dinosaurs evolving into chickens when they get domesticized relating to people evolving into animations.

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