Searching the Universe


Can algorithms tell what physical world we live in? Arkady Volozh, Founder and CEO of Yandex, usually known for operating Russia's most popular search engine, made quite an astonishing announcement. His IT company has been officially becoming part of CERN and its well-known Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest particle accelerator.

Searching the Universe 1

A "super microscope" at CERN

"Nowadays, physics experiments don't measure anymore," he said. Instead, they record the data and need to make sense of vast sets. Here Yandex plays a significant role, with a search tool service. Instead of burning time and energy to scan through the information, MatrixNet of Yandex is a "super microscope". Its detector registers particle collisions, or events, with the data being stored for future research. Arkady Volozh closed: "I'm very proud to be part of solving universal problems!"

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Arkady Volozh
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