Seeing Differently: Filling the Space Between the Real and Digital

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Beau Lotto - who was recently at Burning Man with Yossi Vardi – came to DLD15 to tech participant to see differently. “If I’m going to get you to try and see differently, you have to first understand what you see,” the expert on the brain’s visual system said.

Only ten percent the human brain uses to see comes from the eyes. The remaining ninety percent come from other parts of the brain. The brain evolved to do relatives, meaning that context is everything and information in and of itself is meaningless.

“Information by itself tells you nothing about what to do, even at the level of your senses, because it could mean anything,” Lotto said. The brain uses memory and experience to turn this meaningless information into something meaningful. “What do we see then if we don’t see the real world and we don’t see information? We see a meaning that was useful in the past.“

According to Lotto, life is pretty simple. It isn’t easy; it’s pretty simple. A person nay ever has to make one decision, and that is whether to go toward or away from something. Assumptions are a mystery to us. We don’t know why we do what we do. Lotto therefore thinks questionnaires are a waste of time and observation is the only way to learn.

But the human mind is beautiful, despite or perhaps because of its delusions. “We make sense through truly shared experiences,” he said. For technology to be meaningful, Beau Lotto concluded that it needed to live in the space between the person and the physical world.

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