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Seriously, I had no idea what I had to expect. Esports? Riot Games? Totally new to me. But I guess a lot of you don't know nothing about it, too.

Esports is playing an online game and streaming it to a web services. This web services is similar to YouTube. You have your own channel, you can ad advertising to it, but you are streaming your content directly into your channel instead of upload just a finished video. And then: thousands of people are watching you playing an online game. A game lasts usually 30 - 40 minutes and it's like a real game. Every time you started a game, it's a real beginning - no levels. Maybe you can compare it with football/soccer. You start at 0:0, every time, every game.

This is almost the description of Riot Games. They are broadcasting games 26 weeks of the year (but want to start live streaming real life games). And creating events in real life with teams fighting against each other became their business. Founded in 2006 it is now bigger than other sports events on TV.

"Unique way of interactive sports."

What's really interesting? People can made a living out of it. Eight professional teams in the US as well as in Europe exists and often they teach other people playing the games and how to beat each other.
The target group of Riot Games is 17-30 years old - a huge market for sponsors like Nike, Samsung and of course Coca Cola, Matt Wolf (Head of Global Gaming, Coca-Cola Company) explains. Especially South Asia is very interesting for marketers. 40% market share in Korea is worth a look for brands.

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