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Director Francesca Rosella and CEO Ryan Genz are the design duo behind CuteCircuit's amazing creations. Their work is frequently featured in international magazines, books on design, fashion and innovation, such as Fashioning the Future, Time Magazine, Surface, WIRED, ELLE, Vogue. They have caused sensations with iconic garments like the Hugshirt, Galaxy Dress, and the Twitter Dress be worn from Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry showed off with some creations at her stage shows and red carpet appearances.

CuteCircuit is a fashion company based in London that designs amazing interactive fashion. CuteCircuit is a pioneer in the field of wearable technology and has introduced many ground breaking ideas to the world of fashion by creating new beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics. Founded in 2004, CuteCircuit is the first fashion company to create haute couture with LED illumination worn by stars on the red carpet and was also the first to sell illuminated fashion using LEDs in leading stores like Selfridges. All CuteCircuit garments are designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. CuteCircuit designs frequently include digital technology or interactive capabilities that give the garments and the people that wear them abilities beyond traditional fashion. The CuteCircuit product line includes the Prêt-a- Porter Collection, the Haute Couture Collection and special designs for unique performances by Katy Perry, U2 360° Tour, and Laura Pausini World Tour 2012.

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Francesca and Ryan highlighted their way from their first dress, the Hug Shirt to the red carpets and fashion shows. Wearing the shirt, giving yourself a squeeze and the partner or friend with another Hug Shirt will get a notification about it and feel the hug. But the Hug Shirt was only the beginning of smart fashion. Other real life problems inspired the designs, e.g. do you miss calls? It's not so easy to answer a call if you can't find your phone in your handbag. Why not wearing a dress with an integrated phone. Simple raise your wrist to answer the call.

Francesca and Ryan are designing things like that for over a decade now, solving problems with technology. Now they made their way from a museum in Chicago to the red carpet and to every day dresses. Dresses with thousands of LEDs, changing colors with your mood or spelling out tweets like seen at Nicole Scherzinger - the future of fashion. And there are no wires, no scary things, you can party all night long with it, wear it every day, and simply control your dress with your mobile device.

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Ryan Genz
CEO, Co-Founder
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Francesca Rosella
Chief Creative Officer

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