Southern Super-Hub I

Bavarian entrepreneurs
DLD conference

Crazy stuff here in Munich.

• many regions will play a significant role in the future, not only Silicon Valley

• local neighborhood, micro-ecosystems

** Frederik Brantner, Magazino**

• Serial entrenepreur, first company at age 16

• robots e-commerce – retailer

• open sourced software based tech – one oft the biggest in Germany

Manfred Krischke, CloudEO

• Space business, data business, new ecosystem, brings the shared economy to the space industry

• Value chains

• We failed years ago because the ecosystem wasn’t right

Carolin Fiechtner, Leaf Republic

• sustainable material, some of the issues we are facing today

• using raw materials, leaves from trees, making plates, one-way dishes to replace paper/card board totally in the future

• we can't solve all problems with digitalization

"you can't replace toilet paper with your iPad"

Jakob Bitner, Volt Storage

• hardware, battery storage solution for private households

• storage device – 50% of solar energy ist used – the grid is a backup system

3 electric airplane companies right now. Siemens is also doing this - Frank Anton

• Siemens pilots in electric aircraft?

• Next46 – e-aircraft is one startup of Next46

• ecosystem within Siemens

• 100 of lawyers, 100 of specialists

• hybrid electric propulsion aircraft

• piloting – essential is doing it with application partners e.g. Airbus, small & large partners

"Munich is good for local, Munich is good for global“

Why Bavaria?

Jakob Bittner

"To develop products you need a specific infrastructure“

• We gonna have a subsidy in China. Germany is our first market. We receive lots of input from our partners.

• Munich is pretty cheap in comparison to Silicon Valley – talents are as qualified here and you do not have to compete with Facebook & Google.

• Being close tot he Market is important for companies.

• Primary markets.

• We have to be the trail blazers in Germany – message to politicians.

Frederik Brantner

• „talent keeps me here“. The main driver is that we get talent here – not just from the university but also internationally. Migration is easy. Life quality is high. Munich is cheaper than many of other regions in the world.

Lin Kayser, Hyperganic

• “Quality of living is really high”, “I hire people from all over the world”

• You probably love Trump – makes it easier to attract talent to Munich.

Manfred Krischke

• I grew up here, I have my social network here. Access to pretty diverse industry – many sectors. Big corporates, any kind of applications are close here. 75% non-germans in CloudEO.

Caroline Fiechtner

• There is no better place in the world to start and produce than Germany and especially Munich – very specialized machine companies, universities, maker space allows us to rapid prototype in Munich.

• Carolin sources leave from India. Munich provided a high quality approach in products.

• Many companies are moving to Asia and move back 10 years later. productivity, quality,