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Carlo Ratti of MIT talks about how the city is changing today.

• The city how Le Corbusier envisioned it in the 20th century where every space had a specific function is changing into one where spaces are used flexibly for multiple purposes.

• The MIT SENSEsable City Lab used data of the campus to measure how people work and use spaces. Rather then nine to five, you will find that people choose individual working times.

• Cooperating with the Agnelli Foundation in Turin, they have also experimented with a system like foursquare to track people inside the building and promote coworking. They found that occupancy levels varied a lot.

• Huge amounts of energy are being used today to heat empty spaces. For the Venice Biennale, they build an installation with heat streams that follow you.

• Ratti also shows an example of a adaptable modular furniture piece they developed together with Vitra: the pieces can be assembled into a chair, lounge or a complete furniture landscape.

• Technology not just helps us to analyze spaces and their usage but also to transform them accordingly

• Use technology to build sustainable and flexible spaces that can respond to different demands at any time.

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