Switch! From Start-up to Corporate and Back


Ann-Kristin Achleitner (TU München) and Antonella Mei-Pochtler (Boston Consulting Group) talk about the possibilities to switch jobs from start up to corporate.

The willingness to found a company has decreased from 29% to 15% in Germany, Antonella states. However, there is an enormous quest for innovation. Beside missing fundings, they discuss the problem that there is no entry point for people who are coming back from the start up scene. The typical start up entrepreneur is used to a culture of no control and support for trial and error which you often don't find in traditional companies.

Achtleitner explains that companies firstly need to realize that they don't offer opportunities for these highly skilled talents and secondly, especially for large companies it makes sense to install programs to phase start-up veterans in. It can be helpful to integrate them into a group first to give them the opportunity to adapt to the company's culture.

They also point out that the pursuit of a linear career and according career constructions aren't very helpful. There is more openness of fluid and flexible paths in the female world. Steve Jobs once said, the greatest thing that happened to him was being kicked out at Apple. It's important to teach kids a tolerance of failure and focussing on creating instead of constructing a career.

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