Talent in the Sharing Economy

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Jaleh Bisharat, talks about the future of work and five major disruptions driven by the talent sharing economy.

The sharing economy has arrived in full bloom. Most people associate this economy with sharing things like cars or beds. However, the sharing economy also includes sharing your talent and knowledge.

What does this shift mean for the future of work? Jaleh presents five major disruptions:

1) Corporate loyalty is dead

9 of 10 millenials change their jobs in fewer than three years. That means you will have 15 to 20 jobs in your career. Online tools make it it easy for corporations and people to connect and disconnect. We are entering a world where it is all about employability, not employment. You have to ask yourself: Do you have the skills to be at the top of your game? We will be lifelong students.

2) Social networks have changed how we hire

We share a lot more about ourselves as we used to. You can learn a lot more about someone before you even meet him/her. Ratings and reviews of online portfolios make it easy to evaluate candidates.

3) The best talent is not necessarily in driving distance.

You can connect very easily with the best talent anywhere. 25% of jobs are filled within less than 24 hours. People are literally being hired over night and get work done.

4) Business of one will be the new normal.

People will work self-employed and work as flexible experts for various companies.

5) Work is no longer a place.

People will work closer to or at home, traffic will shift to online networks. Cities will loose their relevance. Instead of commuting, we will see digital nomads living in rural areas and at places of their choice.

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