The Athena Doctrine


Staying in theme with the discussion between Sonali de Rycker and Paul Archleitner, John Gerzema is at DLDw13 to speak about his new book, The Athena Doctrine. In line with his reputation as data and social change detector, Gerzema and colleagues collected data from 64,000 individuals in 13 countries for his latest project.

His principle finding is that we are experiencing a rise in feminine skills and competencies in modern leadership. That feminine values are the operating system of the 21st Century.

Gerzema gives many examples of initiators from across the globe, who illustrate that increasingly, it is less about men and women and more about male and female qualities.

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John Gerzema
BAV Consulting & Athena Doctrine
Author, The Athena Doctrine
BAV Consulting & Athena Doctrine
New York

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