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Tim Renner talks about music in the digital era with Fabrice Sergent, founder and CEO of Cellfish and Lyor Cohen, founder of 300.

The panelists strive different aspects of the paradigm shift within the music industry and how it has affected artists, consumers and music itself. Following up on Fabrice Sergent who introduced how his services leverage social media, Tim Renner asks if artists nowadays have to interact with their fans all the time. Would Jimmy Hendriks today be forced to tweet continuously? "I hope not", Lyor Cohen replies. "The digitization means you can know your customers better which is great, but the real killer part of our profession is still creation."

The panelists talk about the question of quality and quantity and what happened to curation. There is an equal opportunity of artists to be discovered, Fabrice Sergent points out. It's a new time: In the past, you had to have a record deal and be on MTV. Today, access to all these digital tools that give you the opportunity to be discovered is not in the hands of giants anymore. So there's no excuse anymore, you have the tools, just go and use them with your creativity.

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